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The central objective of the TWS-T

is to document compliance with animal welfare through the digital recording of transport data - irrespective of the type of animal (cattle, pig, sheep, goat), the duration of the transport (short distance, long distance) and the means of transport (truck, ship, plane), to create transparency along the route and to store all positive and negative effects on animal welfare in a database along the entire transport chain (organizer, transport company, driver) in a tamper-proof manner.

The TWS-T guarantees the necessary legal certainty as well as a uniform procedure for all economic operators and the competent authorities.

Technical structure of the TWS-T

For the documentation of animal welfare relevant data an IT solution was developed, consisting of

  • a multilingual (German, English, etc.) frontend (internet browser) for organizers, collection point owners and transporters,
  • a multilingual app (German, Polish, Russian, English, etc.) for drivers for documentation during transport and
  • a central database in the background (backend).

The tour plan is done via the internet browser, using the TWS-T frontend. The information of the tour plan contains essentially the data which are prescribed in the regulation (EC) 1/2005:

Route guidance: location and time information on departure, supply stops, border checkpoints and arrival.

  • Selection of the transport company including the registration documents
  • Selection of the vehicle including the registration documents
  • Selection of the driver incl. his certificate of competence


In addition, the tour organizer loads further freight documents (CMR, breeding certificates, veterinary certificates, etc.) into the TWS-T database. All information is transferred digitally to the driver directly before the start of the tour by using a unique tour code, which allows him to load his tour in the TWS-T app.

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