German Holsteins

The German Livestock Association represents the interests of the German Holstein breeding organisations.

This includes

  • The breeds German Holsteins (black and white), Red Holsteins and the gene reserves Red and White dual purpose (DN) and German Black & White dual purpose (DSN)
  • Encouraging cooperation among the member organisations
  • Harmonisation of working methods
  • Public relations and marketing activities
  • Education, training and monitoring of classifiers in linear description and cow classification
  • Determination of the breeding goal
  • Organisation of the German Dairy Show
  • Planning and implementation of workshops for judges
  • Participation in committees of the WHFF, the EHRC and the ICAR
  • Publication of the magazine milchrind


Our members are currently 10 regionally operating, officially recognised breeding and artificial insemination organisations:

Further members are:

If you have any questions or suggestions, you may contact any member of the BRS Breeding and Genetics team:

Dr. Jens Baltissen (Head of Breeding and Genetics Department)

Phone: +49 228 91447 51

Heike Hollenberg-Koch (Assistant)
Phone: +49 228 91447 50

Anke Rolfes (Specialist for dairy cattle)
Phone: +49 228 91447 52

Dr. Till Masthoff (Specialist for beef and dairy cattle / young beef breeders)
Phone: +49 228 91447 24

Dorothee Warder (Head Classifier / young breeders)
Phone: +49 151 58326088


*) Pflichtfeld


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