Standard for complaints when purchasing young boars

GFS Spermatube

The BRS insemination stations that have signed the agreement

  • carry out quality management with systematic self-monitoring in accordance with the BRS manual for work processes and hygiene in semen collection stations,
  • subject themselves to regular quality monitoring with a control and advice by experts from recognized scientific reference laboratories,
  • jointly promote reproductive research in the Association of Bioeconomic Research (Förderverein Bioökonomieforschung e.V. FBF)
  • ensure the quality and performance benefit through regular staff training and international exchange of expertise.

Semen quality of young boars

The following minimum requirements apply to semen quality:

Characteristics Minimum requirements
Colour grey-white, white, yellow-white
Rigidity whey-like to milky
Contaminations (urine, blood, purulent discharge) none
Odor neutral
Volume without bulbourethral gland secretion (ml) 100 100
Volume without bulbourethral gland secretion (ml) 100 Age of the boar:
≤ 9 months: 0,150
> 9 months: 0,200 *)
Total number of spermatozoa (billion/ ejaculate) Age of the boar:
≤ 9 months: 15,0
> 9 months 20,0
Motile spermatozoa (%) 70
Motile spermatozoa up to 72 h preservation (%) 65
Morphologically abnormal spermatozoa ≤ 25
Spermatozoa with head deformations (%) ≤ 5
Spermatozoa with acrosome alterations (%) ≤ 10
Spermatozoa with cytoplasmic droplets (%) ≤ 15
Spermatozoa with bent tails (%) ≤ 15
Spermatozoa with other morphological deviations (%) ≤ 15
Germ content in the first ejaculate examined No germs pathogenic for animals or humans

*) this value may be up to 20% lower for ejaculates with a volume > 250 ml

The guaranteed standards apply to the sale of breeding boars that are to be placed in an insemination station.