About BRS

The German Livestock Association (BRS) is the umbrella organization for the production of cattle and pigs in Germany. The association is based in Bonn. Its business covers the activities of its members.

The association has ordinary and extraordinary members.

Ordinary members are legal persons who can be assigned to one or more member groups.

On admission th the association, the ordinary members are assigned to one or more member groups, depending on their area of activity, unless they are already represented by an association in this group of members.

The association has the following member groups:

  • dairy cattle
  • dual purpose
  • Quality and Performance Testing
  • beef cattle
  • pigs

Extraordinary members are natural or legal persons who support the purpose of the association. They have no right to vote.


According to the statutes, the task of the German Livestock Association (BRS) is to promote German breeding and animal husbandry - particularly for the animal species cattle and pig. This is achieved through the development of rules and principles that require a uniform approach, through the joint representation towards policy, the authorities and other organizations at national and international level, through cooperation with science, the support of research projects in all fields of animal breeding and animal husbandry and by promoting the quality of livestock production.

The purpose of the association ist not oriented towards economic business.