Terms of Use for RSS Feeds

Use of the RSS feed

We guarantee you a limited, revocable license to use the RSS service on our website. It may only be used for non-commercial purposes. The RSS service can only be used with the platforms and newsreaders through which a functioning link is accessible that directs the reader to viewing the full article on one of our websites. You have to use the RSS feed as instructed by us. You understand and accept that the RSS feeds provided as part of the RSS service may include footnotes to ensure proper use.


You may not display the RSS content in a way that does not allow a successful link or redirection to our website. You may not insert any intervening page or other content between the RSS link and the destination page of the RSS feed. The texts, contents and links provided by us may not be edited, modified or changed. You can use the texts provided by us in the form of a heading and a two- to three-line teaser with forwarding to the original message. The RSS service, headlines or any other content may not be sold, retransmitted or used commercially unless we have expressly permitted it. It is not permitted to display advertisements in the RSS service. Illegal use is prohibited. If the content contains information about the author, it must not be removed or changed. Saving the RSS feeds on your website, servers or other storage media is prohibited.

The RSS service or other content on our website may not be used on websites or other platforms that:

  • call to or incite to hatred based on race, religion, gender, sexuality or other anti-social behavior,
  • glorify, instigate or support violence,
  • support, glorify or encourage illegal activities, contain misleading, pornographic, defamatory or illegal content
  • or violate the personal rights of others.


We reserve the right to change or discontinue RSS feeds within the RSS service at any time, or to request you to stop displaying or otherwise using the RSS feeds.


Your legal use of the RSS feed is your responsibility. We assume no liability for any activity in connection with the RSS service or your use of the RSS service. The use does not include an exemption from the rights of third parties. In connection with the use of the RSS service, you agree not to assert any claims in connection with the RSS service against the Bundesverband Rind und Schwein e.V.

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