German Dairy Show 2019 (day 1): People, Cows, Emotions

Clothes make people - the Bundesverband Rind und Schwein e.V. (German Livestock Association) has adopted this saying and has completely reissued its national show of cattle breeds native to Germany. Remained are the date, the cow-enthusiastic spectators and the main actors - the cows.

Siegerkuh Angler Rana

On Wednesday, 26 June 2019, the two-day German Dairy Show started in the EWE Arena in Oldenburg with a showcase of breed diversity. The starting shot was fired in the early evening with the show judging of the anglers and brown swiss heifers. Parallel in two rings they faced the critical and attentive eyes of the two judges Ernst Grabner from Austria and Thomas Hannen from Tönisvorst, North Rhine-Westphalia.



The angler cattle from the north of Schleswig-Holstein with an evenly deep red coat made the start and chose their winner and reserve winner. Despite an unbelievably overwhelming quality in the younger classes, the youngsters had the disadvantage at the end and had to let the older ladies with higher calving pass them by. The Kollund daughter Rana of Michael Petersen from Taarstedt secured the title thanks to her high udder and her harmonious appearance. She was followed by the strong and impressive Dragomir daughter Lina (owner: Manfred Tobian, Schwedeneck).

Siegerkuh Braunvieh Fuchsi
Brown Swiss

With outstanding elegance, the extremely strong Erafax daughter Fuchsi (owner: Bernhard Fuchs GbR, Argenbühl-Eglofs) entered the ring for the Brown Swiss cows and confidently secured class victory. This was followed by the overall victory - Judge Grabner was too enthusiastic about her performance. He accompanied her with the youthfully elegant and typey Jucator daughter Uganda by R. Thönes and A. Kuppel from Kalkar-Grieth.

Siegerkuh Fleckvieh Bluete

The colours of the animals changed and the red-hot jerseys and the muscle-packed Simmental cows populated the ring. Only the two judges stayed and held their office with sovereign relaxation. There was no boredom and the next winner photos could be taken. One of the oldest Fleckvieh cows left no doubt that even with ten calvings you can look magnificent and easily run a winner's sash. At the hand of Christian Zimmermann from Oberzent the enormously deep Wichtl daughter Blüte impressed the judge and the audience. The balanced and harmonious Manuap daughter Ratina by Matthias Rechner from Mudau-Reichenbach was left behind.

DSC 2413

Judge Hannen described the winning duo of the Jerseys as the ideal of a Jersey cow. Already in the class he raved about the grandiose cow with a bomb-proof udder - Christian Börsch and Alexandra Leuchten from Wipperfürth had named their winning cow THL Princess. To live up to her name, she received the winner's ribbon and had Anna Hobbie from Wangerland line up the type-strong Nelly with an extremely high udder behind her.

After the breeds Jersey, Simmental, Brown Swiss and Angler, the Red Holstein and Holstein 2 yr old entered the ring to fight out the individual winners. Not only the breeds changed but also the two judges. The black heifers ran into the ring under the critical eyes of Markus Mock from Markdorf and their red-coloured colleagues were judged by Andrea Uhrig from Sulzbach.

Red Holstein 2 yr old

The judge Andrea Uhrig already raved in the highest tones in the class about the udder- and foundation-strong as well as milk-typical Awesome daughter Specialred (owner: Jonas Melbaum, Haselünne). The udder-strong and typey Arvis daughter NH Silky R of Matthias Nosbisch from Niederweis, Germany, had made a successful hunt and had to take some feathers off her shoulders.


Holstein 2 yr old

The Holstein heifers had two exceptional heifers at the top of the show contingent after three class rounds. After their convincing performance at the European Show in Libramont, the Atwood subsidiary OHB Dream by Friedrich-Wilhelm Gödeker from Varrel impressed the crowds with its clear skeleton and no mistakes or blame. No one was surprised that she won the title afterwards and thus referred the Diamondback subsidiary WFD Miss Diamond, also experienced in European show jumping, to the reserve winner. With this selection of winners, the spectators witnessed an interesting head-to-head race. Only nuances lay between the Dream, equipped with a lot of capacity, and the enormously correct Miss Diamond, equipped with a lot of width (owner: Wille, Rübesam, Melbaum und Kallaß, Herbergen).

After this grandiosen prelude are all on day two of the German Dairy show strained. Because the highlight, the choice of the Supreme Champion, promises a lot of excitement. (dw)

Siegerfärse Holstein OHB Dream Siegerfärse Red Holstein Special Red Siegerauswahl Holstein Siegerauswahl Red Holstein