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Brown Swiss - More than milk

After an intensive work with all National Associations to redesign the breed positioning, the European Brown Swiss Federation is proud to unveil the new Brown Swiss communication through this new logo. As a result of a common desire to become stronger together, for the benefit of the breed and its breeders throughout Europe, this logo is standing for a unique message of the breed. Because from north to south and from east to west, we all breed Brown Swiss with the same passion and same economic and environmental goals.


Bovine Embryo Transfer Course: Register now!

From May 11-14, 2020, Minitube offers a comprehensive course in Bovine Embryo Transfer at the IFN Schönow (close to Berlin, Germany). Register now!

The course blends theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, instructed by well-known ET experts. The following contents await you:

  • Superovulation of donors
  • Embryo collection, evaluation and freezing
  • Embryo Transfer processes

For the detailed course program and all organizational information, please visit the Minitube website:


German Dairy Show 2019 (day 2): bubbles and champagne shower for Alessja

The second day (27 June 2019) of the German Dairy Show was all about the red and black Holstein cows. In alternation, they populated the show ring, so that the 2,000 interested spectators got their money's worth. The new Supreme Champion Loh TJ Alessja was celebrated frenetically with soap bubbles and champagne shower. But one after the other.


German Dairy Show 2019 (day 1): People, Cows, Emotions

Clothes make people - the Bundesverband Rind und Schwein e.V. (German Livestock Association) has adopted this saying and has completely reissued its national show of cattle breeds native to Germany. Remained are the date, the cow-enthusiastic spectators and the main actors - the cows.


German Dairy Show 2019

At 26 th and 27th June 2019 the German Dairy Show will take place in Oldenburg for the first time. People, Cows, Emotions represents the new concept of the former German Holstein Show.

BRS press conference: RZ Made in Germany presented

RZ Richtig Züchten

Many dairy farmers are familiar with the abbreviation RZ from publications on breeding value estimation. It indicates the relative breeding value for various traits, such as longevity, milk yield, somatic cell count and many other important trait composites. RZ also stands for correct Breeding or Breeding Made in Germany". Germany is a leader in terms of data quality and breeding value estimation procedures and can therefore show itself to be self-confident. In addition, from 2nd April, Holstein breeders in Germany will also be able to use breeding values for animal health for the first time. The new genomic health breeding values are a great step forward for Holstein breeding.


German Dairy Show 2019: secure exhibition space now

German Dairy Show 2019: Schwarzbunt First come, first serve. This is also the case at the German Dairy Show, which will take place on 26th / 27th June 2019 in Oldenburg. In addition to the show of the best, the event also offers the opportunity to network, to present products and to inform about news in the industry. For this purpose, the organisers are now offering coveted areas for a company exhibition.

The registration form has just gone online. Registrations are now possible. The organiser reserves the right to make a final commitment.

Judges for the German Dairy Show 2019 have been appointed

German Dairy Show 2019: Schwarzbunt The BRS has named the judges for the first German Dairy Show. The Holsteins will be judged by Markus Mock, Markdorf. The internationally recognized breeder and judge judged the Holsteins at the European Show 2017 in Colmar and at the DHV Show in Oldenburg 2009. The Red-Holstein department is judged by Andrea Uhrig, Sulzbach. She has been a member of the German judging pool since 2015 and has already judged several federation shows. Thomas Hannen, Tönisvorst is the new judge for the red cattle and the jerseys. He also has international and extensive national experience and has been a member of the judges' pool since 2009. For the breeds Fleckvieh and Braunvieh Ernst Grabner from Lower Austria takes over the office of judge. The Breeding Director of the Lower Austrian Breeding Association also has many years of experience as an international judge.